Token Smart Ring

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Most of us wear rings, and few of us give this accessory a second thought. Our rings simply go with us wherever we happen to go. Wouldn’t it be great if we could transport other things just as easily?

Imagine, for example, that you could replace your wallet with a ring. Even in the age of Apple Pay and other contactless digital payment methods, the convenience and ease of wearing all of your credit, transit, and access cards on your finger would simply be unparalleled.

Well, say hello to the Token Smart Ring. A lightweight, sleek, and stylish ring that comes in three attractive finishes, this incredible device links with your credit card accounts to support contactless payment at more than 15 million international providers of goods and services. You can also throw away your transit and access cards because the Token Smart Ring can be used to scan participating transit system turnstiles and HID SEOS security systems around the world.

In addition to these uses, the Token Smart Ring can be employed as a full set of keys, giving you access to your home and both unlocking and activating the “start” button on your car. It can also store your passwords to unlock your computers and mobile devices with a single tap.

This product employs an EAL5+ certified secure element for ultimate protection. And because Token is decentralized, it sends no personal data to a central server.

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