Tesla Solar Panels

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Residential solar panels aren’t in the same butt-ugly class as roof-installed satellite dishes, but they’re up there. Even among readers of Treehugger, a website that’s pretty much what you expected, only about 50 percent of respondents to an informal survey said that rooftop solar panels look good, though some of the rest said they’d get them anyway.

The point is, aesthetics is what keeps many homeowners – and their neighbors – wary of the whole rooftop solar thing. That’s why it’s refreshing that Tesla took that concern into consideration when offering a sleek, low-profile solar panel array. From a street view, Tesla Solar Panels (actually made by Panasonic and sold exclusively through Tesla) visually blend with the roof. The edge skirt design reduces the sharp border between panels and roofline and the lack of visible mounting hardware makes these panels more hidden from view than those with the traditional look. Only from directly overhead can you see its solar power in action, as the cells capture solar heat and convert it into “free” energy for your home.

If you’d like a solar design that’s even more invisible, consider the Tesla Solar Roof – simply a handsome residential roof, except that it has Tesla Solar Panels built in. Available in multiple styles to fit the architecture of your home.

Renewable clean energy options that start from the roofline never looked so attractive.

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