Sound BlasterX Katana Soundbar

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Just because you can barely see it, don’t think you’ll miss any of the audio magnificence of the Sound BlasterX Katana multi-channel gaming soundbar. The slimness of design makes this the world’s first true Under Monitor Audio System (UMAS). You get a deeply immersive sound experience that will bring your games, movies and music to life like never before.

The Katana was a Samurai sword of feudal Japan known for its precision of design and unparalleled performance. That’s what you’ll think of your new Sound BlasterX Katana audio system, featuring Dolby Digital 5.1 Decoder, a powerful 24-bit high resolution DAC and state-of-the-art five-driver system. Each driver is powered by a DSP-controlled amp, all housed in a tri-am design. In other words, the Katana proudly delivers ultra-precise audio throughout the audio spectrum. It’s a sound experience that doesn’t bring your game to you. It puts you in the world of your game.

The other-worldly sound is further enhanced by the soundbar’s Aurora Reactive lighting system. This constellation of 49 programmable LED lights spans your sleek Katana chassis for full and breathtaking aesthetic customization of the PC and desktop setup.

Don’t just play your games, watch your movies or listen to your music. Live the experience. Get the new Sound BlasterX Katana multi-channel gaming soundbar, and immerse yourself in a better world.

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