Sony Xperia Touch

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One of the great things about touch screen interfaces is that they allow us to interact with our devices in a brand new way. You feel like your smartphone is less a device and more a natural extension of your own brain — anything you want to do you CAN do with a quick tap of your finger. Now, take things to the next level by turning your entire WORLD into a touch screen with the powerful new Sony Xperia Touch. It’s a whole lot more than just a traditional projector — it’s a device that turns any flat wall, table or other surface into an interactive screen at a moment’s notice. With advanced features like short-throw projection, Wi-Fi connectivity and more, it lets you experience your entire life in a whole new dimension.

Do you suddenly feel the need to play a board game on your dining room table, but didn’t bring the game itself? Don’t sweat it — use the Sony Xperia Touch to turn the entire surface into an interactive game zone. Did you recently record a great family video on vacation and want to show everyone, but don’t want them getting fingerprints all of your phone? Project it right onto the wall in seconds. Thanks to the fact that the Sony Xperia Touch is also connected to the Google Play store, just about ANYTHING you can do on a smartphone you can now do anywhere, at any time, no exceptions. It’s the type of device that, once you have it, you’ll wonder how you were ever able to live without it.

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