Ruark Audio R7 High Fidelity Radiogram

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An audio heritage is nothing if not an evolution that pioneers new frontiers. Ruark Audio has long been a leader in sonic achievement, and their latest Ruark Audio R7 High Fidelity Radiogram is their latest approach to a complete AV solution.

In its third iteration, the R7 has proven itself an evolutionary marvel that doubles as a piece of high-end furniture and a sophisticated music system. On the music front, the R7 is a multi-format CD player that makes CD sound better than ever, thanks to sophisticated sound quality that is paired with an aptX HD Bluetooth receiver for ideal CD performance and exquisite wireless streaming alike. Simply put, you will enjoy immaculate sound whether your source is a CD or wireless streaming.

The R7 is designed to work with all leading apps such as Spotify, Apple Music and BBC iPlayer with effortless sound quality. Bolstering the R7’s performance is its versatility, with connectivity options that allow for either switchable analogue and digital connections as well as the R7’s dedicated turntable input.

The R7’s high-end audio performance is not limited to a single room, as the multi-room capability of the R7 ensures that the wireless link and sync system can distribute music throughout the home. Effectively, the R7 is the perfect hub for your entire home’s audio entertainment that comes in either an attractive walnut veneer or soft gray design.

To learn more about the unique ways the R7 redefines the radiogram, visit the Ruark Audio website to find out more about all this sound system has to offer.

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