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Charging all of your important devices while you’re on the go can be a drag, certainly. One minute, you’re using your smartphone to get turn-by-turn directions to that great new steak house you’ve been hearing so much about. The next minute, you’re screaming at Siri — trying to get her to read the rest of those directions out loud before your battery dies and you’re lost in an awful area after dark. You need to be able to power anything, anywhere, which is where Omnicharge excels over other portable chargers.

The major factor that separates Omnicharge from other portable chargers is that it gets smarter as you use it. It can actually recognize the type of device you’ve plugged into it and adjust its voltage accordingly, offering active management of both outflow and inflow to guarantee that both the device and Omnicharge are operating as efficiently as possible. It’s also available in a few different varieties for you to choose from depending on your needs. The Omni 13 is the world’s smallest smart charging system, building a 3 prong AC/HVDC socket and 2 USB fast charging ports into one compact frame. The Omni 20 takes things to the next level, offering all of the above and WPC certified Qi Standard wireless charging at the exact same time. Both offer 10 layer power protection designed to guarantee only the ultimate in charging safety.

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