Module Decibel Speaker

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For years, mobile speakers have been essentially good at one thing and one thing only: convenience. Do you want to be able to listen to your favorite tunes while you’re out by the pool? Check. Do you want to be able to unwind with that new posthumously-released Bowie album with a glass of wine and a nice warm tub after a hard day at work? Double check. Sure, it won’t sound very good — but at least you’ve got convenience covered. At least, until now. Meet the Module Decibel Speaker: the best mobile speaker in the world for a nearly limitless number of reasons, all of which are designed to change at a moment’s notice.

It’s perhaps the first mobile speaker that isn’t designed to be replaced, but to last — to stand the test of time. Every last component is designed to be user upgradeable, even for users who don’t know much about the technology on display in the first place. Did a new faster process come out? Just pop it right in. Does your latest mobile phone use a new wireless standard? Take care of it and make it compatible in seconds. Say “goodbye” to an era where you needed to buy yet another mobile speaker just to make sure it worked properly with your new computer. Module offers logical and genuinely beneficial component updates to the user, adding the new features you need as soon as they become available, without forcing you to run out to the store and buy a whole new unit. It really doesn’t get much more forward-thinking than that.

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