Master & Dynamic for 0.95 Signature Collection

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With a reputation for high quality headphones, earphones, and accessories made with the finest materials and a clever design, New York City-based premium audio brand Master & Dynamic has outdone themselves again. They have partnered with Leica to create the 0.95 Signature Collection, inspired by Leica’s Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH, the world’s fastest aperture aspherical lens.

Included in the collection are reimagined MW60 Over-Ear Headphones, MH40 Over-Ear Headphones, ME05 Earphones, and the MP1000 headphone stand. Even before you get to hear the sound quality from the headphones, the design of the Master & Dynamic for 0.95 Signature Collection impresses. Made with smooth, black cowhide and black chrome over solid brass, the headphones feature the signature Leica red dot and have red acoustic mesh on the lambskin memory foam ear pads. Leica’s signature custom knurling and etching is also included throughout the design on the MW60 and MH40. In addition, the MW60 headphones boast a 16-hour rechargeable battery, Bluetooth 4.1 with Aptx technology, and even dual audio jacks for shared listening.

From listening to your favorite bands to staying on top of things at the office via phone calls, the Master & Dynamic for 0.95 Signature Collection has top-notch audio for all your needs with their over-ear wireless headphones, earphones, and headphone stand.

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