Loewe bild 9 OLED TV

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Television technology has evolved. Yet the weight, functionality and beauty of TVs has not yet kept up with the design trends of the modern age. While we have turned in our box sets for innovative flat screens, these TVs still require old-school mounting or entertainment units for proper setup in a room. Movie viewers and music listeners desire more as they are looking for a TV that offers all the latest technology yet fits into their unique design theme without hampering the beauty of their homes.

Loewe has taken to the task of combining high-tech craftsmanship with minimalist design and artistic flair. Drawings its design from the Art Deco days of old, the company has created the Loewe bild 9 OLED TV. The bild 9 is the television of the future, ditching the cables and relying on Loewe app technology that allows you to access movies, television programs and music using your smartphone or tablet device. The lightweight 7mm screen display sits on its own polished steel frame stand to look like a work of art.

This sculpted television isn’t for people who fear technology. It features OLED self-lighting organic pixels to create a true black screen that gives a vivid dimensional depth to picture quality. When the Loewe bild 9 OLED TV is turned on, it glides along the frame to expose the sound bar that provides 120 watts of power. Combine this with the structured user interface and access to online video libraries, and the Loewe bild 9 OLED TV is a thing of futuristic beauty while holding on to its artistic integrity.

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