HP OMEN X 35 Curved Display

$1,300 buy now

Unless you’re a serious gamer, a computer monitor is just a computer monitor. It’s a device that can display pixels so you can read your e-mails, watch YouTube, and surf the web. But if you consider yourself as a serious gamer — and a serious PC gamer at that — features like impressive refresh rates and immersive screen sizes become more than important — it becomes a necessity.

With the rise of ultra-wide monitors, replacing the need for costly multi-monitor setups, PC gamers are now spoilt for choice when it comes to the perfect gaming monitor. The 21:9 aspect ratio gives the player 34% more screen real estate for a completely immersive experience compared to traditional 16:9 screens. However, most gaming monitors tend to look like a gaming monitor, with strangely angled designs and obligatory red accent plastic panels and lighting adorning the monitors — a design element that can be jarring for the design conscious.

The HP OMEN X 35 not only offers a clean, minimalist aesthetic that should appease those that are picky about design, it offers the ultimate gaming experience that rivals the best gaming monitors out there. While most ultra-wide gaming monitors struggle to push 34-inches, the HP OMEN X 35 offers a whopping 35-inches of ultra-wide glory, filling your entire field of view with more immersive detail. For a buttery smooth gameplay, the monitor supports a 100Hz refresh rate and G-Sync technology to take advantage of Nvidia’s powerful graphics cards.

The HP OMEN X 35 isn’t cheap, but for the ultimate gaming experience for those with a generous budget, this is quite the monitor to get lost in the game.

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