Hardlight VR Suit

$499 pledge

It’s not enough to merely watch virtual reality unfolding in front of you. You’re a gamer who wants to live the full experience. To experience the body blows, the thud of every explosion, the shock of bullet injury, the light touch of your warrior princess on your arm. With the new Hardlight VR Suit from NullSpace every muscle group will feel each moment of the battle, the hunt, the chase and the touch of the alien seductress. The system currently supports more than ten VR and PC platforms and games.

The Hardlight VR Suit is a technological breakthrough in haptics sensor communication — the science of applying tactile sensations to the virtual reality experience. The suit boasts 16 haptics sensors and vibration nodes for a more immersive game experience than you’ve ever felt. You’re not playing the game. You’re in the world.

Despite all the technology built into the Hardlight VR Suit, it’s not heavy or overpowering. It’s designed for lightweight adjustable fit to virtually all body sizes and shapes and sweat-proof comfort.

With the Hardlight VR Suit from NullSpace, your world will expand dramatically. As the creators of this brave new world put it: “Don’t Just Play the Game. Feel it.”

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