ELBOW Cassette Player Concept

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Just because we have accepted the technology of the future does not mean we also have to give up our entertainment from the past. It’s true that music lovers now have access to an endless vault of online music choices, all accessible through smartphones, tablets and computer devices. Yet for the true music lover, there still lies a box of old audio cassette tapes in the closet. These tapes feature the glorious music of the past that, arguably, simply cannot be duplicated by any present musician today.

Yet portable audio cassette players are almost unheard of today. Even when finding one, the bulkiness of the machine doesn’t make it convenient to carry around. Fortunately, the world has started to remember the old audio cassettes of the past and has introduced a new, innovative method to play these tapes in a modern way. ELBOW is a portable cassette player concept that fits into the palm of your hand and is smaller than your actual cassette tapes.

Stripping away the bulky mechanical parts and cassette holders from traditional players, ELBOW relies on a bi-axial arm containing a reel pulley and a magnetic tape head to play the music. An optical sensor controls the motor adjustment and playback rate to ensure the best audio quality. It’s incredible on what all is needed to play these music tapes today. Just pin the ELBOW to your clothes to play music while jogging or in the car, and then charge the device through the mini USB cable or use the cable to transfer music to your computer.

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