E-TRENDS LED Tent Light Bulb

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When you go out on a camping trip, you are trying to escape from the modern conveniences of the city and get back to nature. You want to enjoy hiking, biking, mountain climbing, fishing, and just camping out under the stars. Yet when the sun goes down over your tent, you want to have some light at the campsite and in your shelter without relying on your smartphone light or the light from your campfire.

The E-TRENDS LED Tent Light Bulb offers the perfect illumination so you can continue to do outdoor activities at night. The camping light is made from durable plastic and runs on 3 AAA batteries as it provides 150 lumens of brightness on its highest setting. It also features a dimmer switch so you can lower the light level and save on battery life. Only 4.6 inches tall, it is smaller than an iPhone 6 and has a hanging hook so you can attach it anywhere on your tent, fishing boat or backpack.

You can also use the E-TRENDS LED Tent Light Bulb for everyday home use outdoors in your backyard if you want to brighten your deck or patio, or inside a garage or bedroom when you desire extra light in dim areas of the room. Water resistant and lightweight, the E-TRENDS LED Tent Light Bulb provides you with extra light wherever you go.

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