Dot Watch

$290 preorder

Who doesn’t love getting in on the ground floor of something special? Not necessarily in a “I liked that hip new band everyone loves before they were cool” kind of way, but in the “I’m a true pioneer – some might say I’m ahead of my time” kind of way. With the Dot Watch, you can have this experience all over again with the first braille and tactile smartwatch EVER released. It’s a product that is already making waves across the world, having been featured in write-ups by the BBC, Time Magazine, Popular Science and just about every other organization you can think of (did you think of JoongAng Daily? Because guess what – Dot Watch got mentioned there, too).

The Dot Watch is truly a groundbreaking product in terms of accessibility, affordability and innovation. It’s designed for the vision-impaired and the deafblind, allowing them to continue to lead independent lives while getting in on the smartwatch and wearable technology revolution at the exact same time. The Dot Watch is so incredible that it’s already won two awards at the 2016 Cannes Lions Festival — one for product design and the other for innovation — and it isn’t even officially available yet. At just 42mm in size and with a slender 12mm depth, the Dot Watch is made from high quality 7000 Series Aluminum and features a li-polymer rechargeable battery that brings an incredible 500mAh to the table. You can finally experience stunning graphics, amazing images and more — all in tactile form with the world’s first multi-layered braille smart device.

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