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In 2007, Apple revolutionized the tech industry with the introduction of the iPhone. It was a revolutionary concept that put the digital world in the palm of your hand. The iPhone introduced the world to a new era of smartphones, with numerous companies soon following suit. Ten years since its introduction, smartphones have become such a crucial part of our everyday lives, many of us — especially those young enough to have lived most of their lives with a smartphone — would not be able to imagine a life without one.

Ten years is a long time and Apple’s dominance and innovating sprit has become diluted, with other brands like Samsung and LG introducing better products and more features.

To reclaim their crown and also to celebrate ten years of iPhones, Apple has introduced the new iPhone X. It has an edge-to-edge display and gets rid of the physical home button. You can now unlock your phone with Face ID — raise it and look at it, and swipe right to get started. The advanced facial depth tracking technology also allows you to use Animoji — animated emojis that you can control with your face on the iPhone. This, along with a new suite of advanced camera features means new opportunities for AR applications as well.

For those frustrated with the battery life of their current iPhones, the iPhone X will last 2 more hours than iPhone 7. It also finally features wireless charging, and also introduces a new wireless charging standard called AirPower that will expand the wireless charing experience to other compatible devices.

The new iPhone X will be available for preorder starting October 27th and will start shipping November 3rd.

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