Mercedes-AMG Project One

Possibly one of the most, if not the most anticipated debuts of the Frankfurt Motor Show, Mercedes-AMG has revealed the highly anticipated Project One hypercar. Its announcement also marks the celebration of AMG’s 50th anniversary, marking the company’s illustrious history of tuning Mercedes cars for half a century.

Designed to be the closest thing to an actual F1 car for the road, the Mercedes-AMG Project One may be the world’s first street legal road car with an F1 powertrain thanks to the F1 derived 1.6-liter V6 that’s also found in the W08 F1 car. The high-performance hybrid produces over 1,000-hp with a top speed of more than 217 mph, with 15.5 miles of all-electric range.

Power is delivered to the rear wheels through a Project One-specific all-new eight speed manual transmission that offers both auto and manual modes. Inside, the simple interior is only adorned with a pair of 10-inch displays.

With only 275 examples in left-hand drive scheduled for production, the vehicle’s allocation has been all spoken for despite it’s $2.7 million price tag. Don’t expect to see this hypercar on the street anytime soon, as Mercedes-AMG will take another 18 months to further develop the car before production.

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