Brabus 550 Adventure

Pavement is for girly men. When you’re really ready to grab life by the balls, strap yourself into the brand new, super-powerful Brabus 550 Adventure 4×4² and take it… take it…

Well, okay. We don’t actually know where you go when you’re going off road, except that there are no roads under your incredibly rugged tires and the Brabus is the perfect vehicle to get you there. Wherever.

Just look at this thing. It’s German, and if it had been conceived some 80 years earlier it would have taken Poland. Singlehandedly, if only the Brabus 550 Adventure had hands. To put it another way, Arnold Schwarzenegger probably bought the first one off the assembly line.

(And yes, We admit that Arnold Schwarzenegger jokes are somewhat dated, but the message is relevant. So just insert a younger, cooler, but equally relevant male celebrity into your thoughts if you must and let’s get on with it.)

Based on the design and engineering of the Mercedes G500 4×4² and making its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, the Brabus 550 Adventure spells ‘adventure’ with a V-8 engine and 550 horsepower of iron-clad muscle. It bitch-slaps other off-road vehicles with the ability to accelerate from zero to 62 mph in just 6.7 seconds. Although we’re going to assume that’s not the recommended foot-pedal push when climbing Mt. McKinley or wherever the hell you take this thing when you run out of pavement.

With Brabus’ stellar reputation for extracting every performance potential out of Mercedes vehicles, you can rest assured that Brabus only deals with quality stuff all the way. Sorry about that Poland crack.

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