1979 Ducati 900SS

$23,000+ bid now

The classic Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati is owned by Lamborghini. Maybe that’s all you need to know to envision the quality of the bike on offer April 23, 2017 at the auction house Bonhams.

This fully restored 1979 Ducati 900SS, registered in Germany, is the brainchild of legendary Ducati designer Fabio Taglioni and the manufacturer’s second generation v-twin engine. Thanks, in part, to its protruding 40mm Dell’Orto carburetors, the 900SS will deliver a top speed of 135 mph. Try it out on the Autobahn before you crate this baby for home. Feel the thunder, but don’t expect a harsh ride. In comparison to another Ducati model, Bike magazine called the 900CC “uncannily smooth.”

Now here’s the most mouth-watering enticement of all: this nearly 40-year-old bike with well under just 13,000 miles of road warrior experience is virtually “new,” with what’s believed to be about three miles on the odometer since its full restoration. It’s presented in what’s expected to be generally excellent condition.

Ready to call in a bid? Sure, it might set you back 30 grand or so, and that’s not even counting the VAT (this is Europe, after all), shipping and/or storage costs. But hell, it’s so worth it.

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