Uinta Golden Ale Park Series

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You’ve just battled your way to the top of the highest mountain you could find. You effortlessly fought off lions, a Bigfoot or two and whatever Mother Nature could throw at you — now it’s time to enjoy the spoils of victory in style. For those types of situations (and others that likely involve fewer Bigfoots), you have Uinta Golden Ale Park Series — an instantly refreshing, golden ale that is as as light bodied and crisp as it is subtly sweet. Uinta Golden Ale Park Series was designed from the ground up to both raise awareness and brew appreciation (you bet your bottom dollar that pun was intended) for America’s Parks — one of the few true natural treasures that we have left. At 5.0% ABV and 21.0 IBU, it’s the type of taste that you can enjoy all year round.

Or, to put it another way: some beers are for enjoying. Uinta Golden Ale Park Series beers are for celebrating. Whether you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate America’s park system (or the perfect way to celebrate that you made it through another week of work), Uinta Golden Ale Park Series will always be there for you – and then some. Brewed right in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah for over 24 years, Uinta Golden Ale Park Series is about as American as they come – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Who says “adventure” can’t be refreshing?

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