Stratus x Karim Rashid Decant Cabernet Franc 2014

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Stratus Vineyards has teamed up with the renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid for the inaugural bottling of its Cabernet Franc ‘Decant’ in a design collaboration.

Embodying the Stratus philosophy of “form followed by function,” ‘Decant’ encapsulates elements of vineyard diversity and wine composites into a modern, articulated bottle. The complexly flavored wine is fermented with native yeasts through an unfiltered bottling method, produced in a limited run with only 110 cases available.

Yet the design aesthetic takes center stage with Rashid’s renowned flair. He has turned the traditional bottle on its head by visually breaking it into pieces. The striking visual form is also complimented by functionality, where the notches allow for a more increased grip than the traditional rounded wine bottle. Also, the innovative ridges capture any sediments from pouring into your glass.

While the wine inside has an air of fragility, Rashid’s bottle possesses a degree of brutality and protection. The design is both hidden and seen, the ridges providing an act of concealment, while the bombastic silhouette screams out for attention.

The Stratus x Karim Rashid Decant Cabernet Franc 2014 should make a perfect addition to any oenophile or design enthusiast’s collection. This bottle is likely not to gather dust languishing in a cellar, but instead to become a conversation piece for your home.

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