ShapeScale 3D Body Scanning Scale

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Most of us dread stepping on a traditional scale, the after effects of more than a few late night beers and pizzas literally staring us in the face. Yet the new ShapeScale 3D Body Scanning Scale takes some of the sting out with its technological flourishes.

The ShapeScale is the first scale to measure your body in 3D. In less than a minute it digitizes your body shape and then builds a full-color high fidelity 3D model. This model is designed to show how your body reacts to nutrition and exercise over time, showing your weight losses and muscle gains. If a model of your body in a photo realistic, 360-degree view isn’t enough inspiration to put down the donuts than who knows what is.

More importantly in your quest for a better, healthier body, the ScanShape uses 3D Heatmaps with the ability to input certain dates so that you can see exactly where you have been losing fat and gaining muscle mass. This helps you to have a better and more complete understanding of how your body works and how you can target nutrition and exercise to achieve the sort of results that you’re looking for.

With the innovative scanning technology, you’ll also have full metrics readings. There’s no need for the old tape measure because the ScanShape gives you your weight, body measurements, localized fat mass, and localized lean mass. You can also set visual goals to give you the extra boost you might need to achieve them.

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