Newton Espresso

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If you love barista quality espresso and minimalist design, stop what you’re doing and lend us your ears. You can thank us later.

Introducing Newton Espresso, a lever-press espresso machine with an award-winning, minimalist design. Adopting a simple piston design to emulate the high water pressure needed to make espresso, there are no electronics or parts that need maintenance or cleaning. Because it’s a manual process, you have full control of the results depending on the amount of pressure you apply. With Newton, you can create customizable and consistent barista quality coffee for your home or studio.

Since there are no electronics, it is completely silent; no need to worry that you’ll wake anyone up early in the morning or late at night. A simple construction made of wood and aluminum, everything is coated and anodized for durable kitchen needs. It can even be mounted on the wall to save space — while being fully functional — or lifted down in a second to suit your fancy, making it a very portable and adaptable part of your kitchen.

It’s for anyone who loves espresso, clean design, and the zenlike process of making espresso. Newton is a 2017 Best Design Awards Finalist selected by Designers Institute of New Zealand and will be released via Kickstarter on October 2017.

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