Mucha Liga Tequila

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The Fresh, the Fiery and the Fearless.

Sounds a bit like a John Wayne movie, doesn’t it? But we’re describing the flavor profiles of the elegant familia of Mucha Liga Premium Tequilas — a bottle for every mood. Smooth to hearty. Whispery light to unapologetically bold. Top-shelf quality in every sip. Even the masked-face bottles are a thing of dramatic beauty.

Open that bottle and let’s get started.

Your first sip of Bravo, the unaged, light-bodied and crystal clear blanco will make the night breezy and inviting. Wet your tongue with a smooth, fruity splash of this fresh, delicate liquor for two.

The red tones to the logo and bottle design of our clear, golden Canibal reposado is your first hint of the cinnamon undertones that complement the smooth anise, light oak and caramel of this medium to full body tequila. It’s just meant for an evening with a fireplace.

For a bolder adventure, go straight to the deep ocre Invicto, a robust anejo. This barrel-aged tequila still retains hints of its woody past in its smooth, smoked agave roasted flavor and taste. Make something of the night.

Unmask a bottle of your new favorite premium tequila today. You can’t go wrong with any member of the Mucha Libra familia. Unless you want to.

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