Meh Mug

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Mondays… Getting out of bed every morning to go to work is tough enough, but we all know how much tougher it can be on Mondays. The weekend already feels like a blur, and the unfortunate reality of the week starting, whether you like it or not, is quickly hitting you deep in your stomach. Your boss is already breathing down your neck, and you try your very best to appease him with some thoughtful response to his probes, but all you can seem to muster up is, meh.

It’s times like these where you desperately need to kick start your morning with a cup of joe, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t drop subtle hints of how you really feel inside. The Meh Mug is the perfect way to get your caffeine fix, while letting the world know that it’s all meh. With just three simple letters, you can tell the world exactly how you feel about it. Obviously, there are more straightforward ways to convey the same message, but let’s try to keep things professional at the office. Or not. Meh.

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