Macallan x URWERK Flask

£2,000 buy now

If you’re used to drinking your bottom-shelf whiskey from a Dixie cup, forcing you to drink fast before the booze burns through the bottom, you might have a hard time relating to The Macallan x Urwerk Flask. The flask is unquestionably an exquisite work of art, as you’ll see by viewing the brief film clip below or on Macallan’s website.

(Unfortunately, you must prove your age by selecting your birthday to get into the Macallan website, but by first choosing the day of month field like the Europeans do rather than going month/date/year like Americans. Which can be a tad confusing if you’ve been gulping your bottom-shelf whiskey — or whisky, as the toffs call it — while writing.)

At any rate, the watch. Or the flask. Actually, it’s both. And it was designed by a “disruptive Swiss watch company” with 156 components, including pushbuttons, levers, flaps, cylinders, springs and timepiece parts. And two separate flask compartments so you can switch flasks and give your friend the cheaper single-malt. No, seriously. Watch the movie.
It is a breathtakingly gorgeous piece of machinery, and we could always use a flask in case we run out of cups, so we took a look at the price. Actually, we pressed a button to say we wanted to buy at least one since we couldn’t find a sticker anywhere.

It added up to 2,000, preceded by a squiggly backwards-‘E’ sort of thing. We’re pretty sure that meant British pounds, and we don’t think pounds are like the old Italian lira, where like four billion of them equaled 47 cents.

So while we’d love to hang with new besties Macallan and Urwerk, we guess we’ll stick with Dixie.

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