La Colombe Coffee Vault

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We’d all love to have a professional barista at our personal disposal. Though for those of us who can’t afford such expertise service or daily brews from pristine coffee shops, the La Colombe Coffee Vault exists to meet your needs.

The Coffee Vault takes the hassle and guesswork out of brewing your own professional grade cup, so you can be your own barista. Each of the La Colombe Coffees is pre-ground, pre-measured and preserved under pressure just waiting for you to brew a perfect and fresh pot of drip coffee.

Each Coffee Vault is filled with La Colombe’s distinct Corsica cocoa notes that make a delicious pair when partnered with milk or even served black. You don’t have to worry about measuring out cups as each container has the right amount of coffee for one pot while a precision granulizer ensures each grain has been ground down to optimal extraction. Because the coffee is preserved under pressure from its own gases it lasts five times longer than the average blends and comes out tasting like fresh roasted coffee each time.

To brew at home, in the office, or anywhere simply open the Coffee Vault and empty the contents into your drip filter. Four measured cups of eight ounces each of water should go into the brewer for a hot and full bodied beverage. Each pack comes with eight La Colombe Coffee Vaults that contain about 1.32 ounces of coffee, so you have enough brew to get you through the day.

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