High As Fuck Candle

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Remember that night when you were listening to You’re So Vain in your folks’ rec room and even though you’d always heard Mick Jagger was supposed to have sung background vocals to Carly, you’d never heard him in the mix until THAT TIME, and then it came through so incredibly loud and clear that you couldn’t believe you’d ever missed it? Remember that time?

Surprised the hell out of you and then it occurred to you that you were listening to the music that night in a strangely different state – and not West Virginia, if you know what we mean.

Anyway, it’s moments of that clarity and intensity that you’ll want to make the High As Fuck Candle a part of. It’s the perfect accompaniment to those dope ole times when you’re ready to get all deep and contemplative and stare all night into a flame.

The coconut wax High As Fuck Candle is available in the following scents: Sex on the Beach, Pine Mist and Lavender Sage. Try it, bud. You’re So Vain will never sound the same.

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