Grubstick Master Kit

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There is something about an outside barbeque and open fire cooking that makes the food taste that much better. Perhaps it’s the messiness, the closeness to the food, the more organic approach to taste that enhances the flavor. For those grillers amongst men, and barbeque masters, Grubstick offers up its Master Kit.

The whole model revolves around Grubstick’s technology, offering up the world’s first telescopic roasting stick with interchangeable attachments. It’s a revolution in campfire cooking. The Grubstick’s handle extends to 30 heat resistant inches so you can roast and grill to your heart’s content.

The real fun comes in the attachable accessories. The Grubcage or Burgcage, of which the Master Kit includes a pair of each, are the perfect receptacle for turning out precisely grilled meat, pastries, fruits, vegetables, and even ice cream. Four included Grubforks are the best way to roast hot dogs, brats, sausages, and cheese over an open flame. Sweet or savory pastry cups and bowls are a cinch with the two included Grubpockets in the Master Kit. The two Grubtubes churn out delicious bread twists, pizza tubes, and cannolis, turning your outside dining into an almost gourmet experience. Other little elements such as a bacon clip and release tool elevate the Master Kit into legendary barbeque status.

Just one look at all the recipe options on Grubstick’s site will get your mouth watering as you reach for the credit card.

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