Good Cigar Pack

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There are few things that can take a good day and make it even better than a nice cigar. There are also few things that can take a bad day and make it good again like a nice cigar. Now that we think about it, a cigar really is the perfect way to improve just about any kind of situation — weddings, funerals, Bar Mitzvahs, what have you. But the process of actually buying those cigars has long been a time consuming one. You’ve got to go to the cigar shop, pick something out, get judged by the aficionados who just seem to hang out there all day (don’t these people have jobs?), etc. It’s a nightmare — or at least, it was. Until now.

The Good Cigar Pack is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite hobby on your own terms. Every order comes in a humidity-sealed pack to preserve that rich, perfect flavor for all time. You also get two cigars, a cutter, matches and even detailed tasting notes to help you enjoy the cigar that has been specially chosen for you. You can pick from mild, medium or full-bodied intensities and can even choose between one-time orders or three (or six) month regular subscriptions. It’s the absolute perfect, most convenient way to take your favorite hobby (or guilty pleasure) to a whole new level.

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