Fitzroy Navy Rum

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If you love a good cocktail and want to feel good about helping to save the planet, Fitzroy Navy Rum lets you drink and clean up the ocean at the same time. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it fellas?

In January 2017, Dutch beaches were polluted by a container of red Coca-Cola wrappers. The masterminds behind this delicious rum got creative and decided to use the littered wrappers as their main ingredient for their bottle caps, creating a sustainable version of rum-coke.

Turning the litter from the North Sea beaches into liquor packaging makes Fitzroy the creators of the first sustainable rum label and it’s getting a lot of buzz (pun intended) from all over the world.

Named after Captain Robert Fitzroy, best known for steering Charles Darwin on his journeys, Fitzroy Navy Rum features flavors from Barbados, Trinidad, and Jamaica that comes in such a cool package, you will definitely want to get yourself a bottle (or six). Not only are the caps made of sustainable marble that was made from the littered Coca-Cola labels, but the glass recycled bottle is made to be re-used. Most noteworthy of all is the wrapper that is a unique piece of custom made art if you are slick enough to open the bottle carefully to preserve it.

How can you resist a bottle of rum that lets you drink and clean up the ocean simultaneously? All profits from Fitzroy Navy Rum are being donated to the Dutch North Sea Foundation to save the beaches. Cheers to that!

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