Drysure Ski & Snowboard Boot Dryer

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You know it’s going to be a challenging day from the moment you stick your dry foot into a boot that’s still damp from snow, rain or sweat from yesterday’s activities. That’s when you’ll really appreciate your new Drysure Ski & Snowboard Boot Dryer.

Dry your boots anywhere without relying on electricity or batteries. Simply put your Drysure inserts into your boots overnight and count on a drying action that works 12 times faster than air drying. The moisture-absorbing silica oxide bead bag inserts are surrounded by a foot-contoured shell designed for maximum airflow, giving special attention to the hard-to-dry heel and toe area.

They’ll conquer up to ten days’ worth of sweat and moisture before they need reactivation – and that couldn’t be an easier task. To reactivate, simply reheat the insoles in a stove for an hour or two. Or place them on a radiator or even in a patch of sunlight for a few hours and you’re back in business.

Drysure isn’t merely for your foot comfort either. Keeping your boots and other footwear moisture-free minimizes bacterial and fungal growth. No more stinky feet. And finally, Drysure Boot & Snowboard Boot Dryer helps preserve the life of your ski and snowboard boots since moisture build-up can harden and warp your expensive footwear.

Get outdoors. And stay out. It’s easier now when you have the ultimate boot – and comfort – protection of Drysure Ski & Snowboard Boot Dryer.

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