Discommon Damascus Steel Coin Bottle Opener

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Yes, it is easy to pop the top off of a cold craft beer by using your car keys. You don’t have to go searching for the regular, boring-looking bottle opener stashed somewhere in the junk drawer in the kitchen. Yet it doesn’t really do anything for your style when surrounded by your peers. Besides, open up the bottle wrong and you end up getting beer on your hands and clothes while you are placing sticky car keys into the ignition.

The Discommon Damascus Steel Coin Bottle Opener is just what any man needs to look the part when drinking any bottled refreshment. It looks like a work of art featuring a beautiful and striking pattern of Damascus steel as the bottle opener has a brushed stainless steel etched coin to hook onto the bottle cap. Sculpted and chiseled to give a sure grip, the Discommon Bottle Opener easily fits into the palm of the hand to quickly open up the bottle with minimal spillage.

Functionality truly meets beauty with the Discommon Damascus Steel Coin Bottle Opener. Stronger than the regular bottle openers and having a sleeker design, this tool will be something that you will want to show off any time you go to a party, event, or just relaxing at home in front of the television. Then you can use your car keys for what they were designed for: the car.

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