Casa Pujol 87 Tequila

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There has always been a certain mystique to tequila. A reputation rooted in the deserts of the southwest, it evokes a cavalier sense of adventure and enjoyment. Casa Pujol’s 87 Tequila is on the forefront of this pioneering spirit.

Unlike its contemporaries of Añejo and Reposado tequilas that have a sweeter and softer taste for their wood aging, Casa Pujol is a pure, unaged Blanco tequila, that is as pure and pristine in taste as it is in looks. Its minimalist, millennial-pleasing bottle would look great on any top shelf or bar cart, with a simple yet regal band of blue and gold finishing, designed by Mexico-based design firm Anagrama.

Inside the bottle, you’ll find an enticing liquid distilled from 100 percent blue agave straight from the Jalisco highlands of Mexico. Uncorking the bottle unleashes an aroma of cooked agave with flourishes of vanilla, caramel, coffee, and fruit to match its characteristic cooked agave taste of bitter sweetness.

One of the country’s key Blanco manufacturers, the Casa Pujol 87 is the perfect expression of this blend, building on a classic tequila profile. The tequila house is built on the heritage of Blanco production for more than seven decades, with this newest intonation a more youthfully exuberant expression of indulgence. The Casa Pujol 87 is intended to update the tequila profile into an elegant and high-quality experience to be enjoyed on the adventure. Like any frontier, it’s both stunningly simple and highly complex.

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