Volterman Smart Wallet

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We have already seen “smart” technology transform everyday wearables like watches, and now Volterman is ready to infuse the everyday wallet with smart technology and functionality.

For starters, the wallet’s built-in powerbank makes it effortless to charge your phone on the go. Simply carry your wallet and smartphone in the same pocket while connecting the two with a cable or charge wirelessly to ensure your phone never loses its charge while you are away from home or the office.

The wallet also provides essential notifications, such as its Bluetooth Alarm system that sends an alarm signal when you leave either your wallet or phone behind. The Global GPS system also ensures your wallet can be tracked in real-time across the globe, offering valuable theft protection. Furthering the security benefits is a small camera built into the Volterman Smart Wallet that captures a picture and sends it to you whenever the wallet is opened after being put in “Lost” mode.

And, if you are a frequent traveler, you’ll love the Wi-Fi Hotspot functionality that gives you Internet access that is three times cheaper than typical roaming charges. With all these smart features, it would be understandable if the wallet was bulkier than a traditional men’s wallet.

Incredibly, the wallet is made from genuine Nappa leather and Vegan faux leather, creating an attractive aesthetic that maintains a sleek, lightweight profile that fits into any pocket. Whether you opt for the Volterman Bifold, Travel or Cardholder wallet, none of the wallets exceed 0.33 pounds.

If you are ready to tap into the benefits of a versatile and eye-catching smart wallet, the Volterman Smart Wallet is a top choice worthy of consideration.

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