The James Brand Hook

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The James Brand has made a name for itself by making knives with a focus on premium materials, a minimalist design aesthetic and functional excellence. In the process, James Brand has made quality, affordable knives that become essential parts of a man’s everyday carry.

The James Brand Hook is their latest product that epitomizes these design priorities. The Hook is a refined approach toward addressing the typical guy’s key bulk. The Hook solves this issue by creating a fantastic complement to your everyday carry knife by providing extra tools in one convenient product.

Imagine a product that gives you a key ring, bottle opener, and laser-etched ruler all in one device. Further, these tools are enhanced with the Hook’s belt clip for easy fastening. In sum, the Hook is a product that nails the small details, helping men avoid everyday annoyance and inconvenience.

The Hook’s seamless integration of added functionality is available in either a Raw Stainless or Black Patina finish, depending on your preferred look. Regardless, the Hook makes a minimalist yet bold statement that indicates you pay attention to the smallest details.

If you want to add convenience and style to your everyday carry choices, the James Brand Hook is a refined approach to helping men stylishly avoid key bloat while keeping their tools, keys and bottle opener within arm’s reach at all times.

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