Poler Orange Label Camera Backpack

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Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a hobbyist, one thing is for certain: by now you’ve realized just how expensive pro-level camera equipment actually is. We mean really expensive — like “should I pay my rent this month or buy that fancy new lens” expensive. When you’re hauling all of your equipment around in an effort to get that next great shot, you need the type of bag you can depend on. Something that will allow you to shoot to your heart’s content, free from worry or compromise. Something that won’t allow anything to jostle around or get damaged at the worst possible moment. Luckily, that “something” happens to take the form of the Poler Orange Label Camera Backpack.

This is a fully featured camera bag, designed with professionals in mind. It’s made with a Dyneema ripstop fabric and features incredible Fidlock magnetic buckles for easy carrying and even easier access. On the inside you get no less than three large subdivided interior zippered pockets, five small interior Velcro pockets and so much more. You even get mesh backed shoulder straps for your comfort, going a long way to make sure that carrying your heavy equipment around doesn’t do a number on your back at the same time.

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