Nike Air Force 1 Outsole Phone Case

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The Nike Air Force 1 has been a Nike staple since its creation back in 1982. Although the silhouette has been with is for more than 30 years, it still one of the most beloved sneakers of all time. Nike has even capitalized on its popularity by launching a line of lifestyle sneakers based on the iconic silhouette.

For fans of the Air Force 1, Nike will let you set the pace with the Nike Air Force 1 Outsole Phone Case. Durable and built for high intensity workouts and off road adventures, Nike brings a new level of excellence for AF1 fans to its latest hard-shell phone case.

Strategically designed ridges that mimic the outsole of the AF1 and the iconic Nike swoosh add a fashion-forward flare to the case. Choose between a brilliant royal blue that will catch anyone’s eye or a subtle black that let’s you remain inconspicuous during no cell phone situations (we’re looking at you Mr. Texts During Movies). No matter how you look at it, from every angle the Nike Air Force 1 Outsole is the right smartphone case for any man who can’t live without his phone or his Air Force 1, even when he is en route to the summit of Mt. Rainier.

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