N°08 Opinel X Topo Designs Folding Knife

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When you are out camping, on a fishing trip, or just on a road trip to unknown places, sometimes you need something sharp to cut things such as a rope, fishing line or thread on a poncho. Having a folding knife handy can be the perfect tool in a pinch. The Opinel and Topo Designs have collaborated on a classic folding knife that provides the functionality you desire in a eye-catching design with a painted handle.

The N°08 Opinel X Topo Designs Folding Knife is crafted from stainless steel with chromium added to offer more strength and stability to the knife. The blade is 8.5 cm (3.35 inches) in length and is attached to a French blond wood painted handle for a touch of modern flair. An added bonus is that the folding knife comes with a Virobloc safety ring. You can lock the blade in place when it is open, and also when the knife is closed so you can tuck it into its custom carrying sheath.

When going through everyday life, there are a range of activities and work where having a good knife in your hand is ideal. The N°08 Opinel X Topo Designs Folding Knife is the perfect blade to handle any challenge. Its classic look combined with the modern design makes this blade a beauty to behold and easy to use.

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