MOS Pack

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How many portable electronic devices do you own? If you’re like most people, you probably have more than one or two. The bottom line is that your smart phone, your tablet, and your laptop all serve unique functions and offer specific conveniences. So whether you’re journeying around the world or simply catching a bus across town, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll be brining multiple digital devices along with you. And if you bring them with you, you’ll certainly want to ensure that they are adequately charged.

This is where the MOS Pack comes in. This compact and stylish backpack comes in granite, slate, and onyx. Like many compartmentalized packs, the MOS Pack includes specific pockets for items that range from pens, sunglasses, and water bottles to all of your various electronic devices.

The MOS Pack sets itself apart from the pack (no pun intended!) through its extensive charging capabilities. Not only does the conventional backpack owner need to ensure that he has all necessary adaptors, but before he charges his devices, he needs to take them out, juggle all of their wires, and find individual outlets for each of them.

The MOS Pack allows you to charge all your portable electronic devices at once without even taking them out of their individual storage compartments. Just plug the MOS Pack’s external Reach cable into a single outlet, and let its internal charging system do the rest.

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