MODUAL Bicycle Multi-Tool

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Let’s face facts — occasionally, something is going to go wrong with your bike. These things just kind of happen. But when the going gets tough, what do you do? Do you bring a backpack filled with random tools with you at all times, just to help prepare for any possible outcome? Of course you don’t. For starters, that would be stupid. Who wants to ride around with a 50 pound backpack filled with heavy equipment you may or may not need all day? Secondly, we both know you always lose smaller items like drill bits and then you’d really be out of luck, wouldn’t you?

Well, the good news is that the MODUAL Bicycle Multi-Tool is here to answer the call — making sure that you’re prepared for anything without having to worry at the same time. This is a 14 function bicycle multi-tool with a clever modular design. It lets you effortlessly re-orient things to use it like a wrench or a screwdriver and even has tire levers that attach magnetically (some might say magically) to either side to form a comfortable, ergonomic handle. You don’t just get 7 different hex tool bits. You don’t just get a T25 torx tool bit. You also get a Phillips head screwdriver bit, a flat head screwdriver bit, a tool bit extender, a rubber tool bit holder and much more. It’s functionality can be easily configured to suit the requirements of your bike no matter what situation you run into.

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