Machine Era KeySquare

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Who out there hasn’t been in the following situation: you want to open a bottle of your favorite beer, you reach into your pocket and all you can find are your keys. Or, conversely, you hop behind the wheel of your shiny new car, try to start the engine and can only find your bottle opener. Or, for whatever reason, you can find neither. It’s happened to all of us but now, thanks to the Machine Era KeySquare, it’ll never happen again. The Machine Era KeySquare is an elegant, attractive and better ways to carry your keys, open your bottles and look terrific while you’re doing it – it certainly checks a lot of boxes.

It’s a piece that can be enjoyed and used everyday, now with an added belt loop for additional staying power. Cut with state-of-the-art machinery from only the highest quality stainless steel, it’s a stronger, higher quality product with an even matte finish that looks perfect in formal wear, casual dress and everything in between. With no moving parts, a weight of just one ounce and a convenient size, it’s small enough to fit in virtually any sized pocket you may have and convenient enough to always be there for you in your time of need, like a good bottle opener always should be. Your relationships with other people may come and go – but your relationship with your bottle opener will be eternal. At least now it will, thanks to the bold new Machine Era KeySquare.

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