Kyboka Cart

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As a child, you probably had a red Radio Flyer toy wagon to haul your stuffed animals, toys, and juice boxes. It was a great way to conveniently haul your childhood essentials while also sometimes serving as a great mode of transportation, a la Calvin & Hobbes style.

The Kyboka is a versatile utility cart that is akin to the red toy wagon you had as a kid, but all grown up. It’s outdoor design assures that you can easily tow your gear on any surface without much effort needed. It’s made to take on large loads of up to 110lbs that can be secured with straps or a cover, while the handle can rotate 360 degrees to adapt to your needs. When not in use, the Kyboka can pack flat into its carrying bag in a few seconds, or vice versa. So take it out when you go camping or to your next sporting event and lighten up your load. Just don’t think that your grown ass can ride in it though.

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