Kawartha Dry Bag Cooler

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Camping. Hiking. Boating. Backyard barbecues. An average Wednesday. All situations that could be dramatically improved with a nice cold beverage of your choice (we recommend at least a 7% ABV or higher — what are you, a teenager?), but all situations that present certain challenges when it comes to accomplishing said goal. Most coolers aren’t really up to the task — to account for both drinks and lunch you often have to take a dry bag and a cooler, which only adds to the gear you have to carry in the most frustrating way possible. Until now.

What makes the Kawartha Dry Bag Cooler such an ingenious solution is that it acts as both a dry bag and a cooler, all at the same time. The dry bag features an incredibly easy roll-top enclosure and specially designed thermal heated seams, offering waterproof protection at all times. It’s constructed from only the highest grade 500D PVC and offers both odor resistance and stain protection. But for those times when you’ve got a refreshing beverage (or 12) that you want to stay icy cold, you can instantly transform the Kawartha Dry Bag Cooler with the included cooler insert. It offers a terrific insulated composite bubble core wrapped with even more durable PVC plastic, guaranteeing that those drinks stay frosty wherever you go. The product’s empty weight is just two slender pounds and it offers a maximum 25 liter capacity.

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