Inventery Mechanical Pen

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When it comes to consumer goods and products, one of the things that buyers are looking for is quality. In other words, they want a product that’s going to last and they won’t have to be replacing in weeks, months or years. But when you think “quality” and “products made to last,” you probably first think of things like cars, tools and consumer electronics. Not things like writing utensils.

But why not pens?

Yes, we’re talking about pens. This brings us to the Inventery Mechanical Pen, a writing utensil that is precision machined from a single brass rod. The pen consists of a unibody construction and silently clicks to write thanks to a brass mechanism (not the cheap plastic ones that most pens are made of). Oh, and you’ll never have to worry about this pen even if by some chance it does become damaged – it’s covered by a lifetime warranty. As far as further specifications are concerned, it weighs 57 grams, is about 5 inches long and has a 11 mm diameter.

So why not look for a quality, well-made product in your next writing utensil? The Inventery Mechanical Pen isn’t just well-made, but stylish, sturdy and highly fashionable. It comes in onyx, brass, chrome and brushed chrome finishes. Pen refills and spare chrome clicking mechanisms can also be purchased separately.

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