Good Parking Cards

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We’ve all fought a silent battle with bad parkers: the silent cursing that accompanies swerving to avoid an overzealous job, or the hand wringing and head scratching that comes with trying to figure out how to get out of being boxed in. All the bad experiences make the good parking episodes that much more outstanding.

Enter Two Words Period and their extraordinarily simple idea of a handy business card to reward (or even chastise – depending on how you read it) the good parkers of this world. The card company came about as a breathtakingly minimalist way to share ideas on business cards. Each of their series of cards contains only two words, such as: “Nailed it,” “Call me,” “Thank you,” or “Good one.” It’s a head smackingly straightforward way of getting a message across with wit and clarity in a variety of situations.

Two Words Period’s “Good Parking” cards are no exception. Carry them in your billfold or briefcase only to be busted out and left on a windshield when you encounter an incredibly beautiful and gracious parking job. Or perhaps you’re feeling sarcastic and want to whip it out when you come across one of those greedy double parkers. It can be a painless and gloriously subtle way of getting your opinion across whether it’s favorable or negative.

At $9.95 for 20 cards and available to order online the cards make a lighthearted gift for the wannabe meter maids in your life, even if you can’t personally take them seriously.

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