Eshena Bagram Pack

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Backpacks are no longer just the wearables of school kids and nerds. Thanks to Eshera Bagram Pack, you can now sling a backpack without shame in even the hippest parts of town. You might not even be embarrassed to attach a pouch to yourself that looks suspiciously like a fanny pack — though it’s certainly not called that. Or cart some of your smaller stuff in a Bagram Pouch that could almost pass for a shoulder holster. Yes, please!

Every Bagram Pack and Pouch, in its variety of configurations, looks quality constructed. The main pack comes with an amazing assortment of pockets and zipper compartments and whatnot. It’s even got ventilated shoe pockets and a waterproof compartment for your sweaty shorts or wet towel. It’s a classier-looking gym bag, in other words. Or at least that’s one use, although you could also take it while biking or to work or while visiting the local non-conflict coffee shop or on weekend hikes.

The packs and pouches come in every color, as long as it’s black, and are urban style in design. We’re not sure what that means, but maybe it’s that they come with specialized padded compartments for your electronic devices and battery chargers. Apparently, only city people have laptops and phones. At any rate, these wearables look like something you wouldn’t be ashamed to call your own — not even the fanny pack. Check ‘em out.

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  • MikkkyYo

    This bags looks dope, both with small bags and without. Thanks for posting this.

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