Douchebags Tour Bicycle Bag

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Bicycle bags need to service a lot of different masters, essentially all at the same time. For starters, they need to offer protection — there’s no sense in using a bag if your bike is going to end up in pieces because of it. Secondly, it needs to be lightweight — why use a bag at all if it’s going to make something that already has wheels impossible to carry. Finally, it needs to look badass because if it doesn’t, it will make YOU look stupid and that is absolutely not something you can afford (sorry, someone had to say it).

To that end, you’ll no doubt be pleased to know that the Douchebags Tour Bicycle Bag is more than just a travel bag. This ain’t no fanny pack — it’s a fully protective, lightweight, compressible and (most importantly) functional road bike bag designed by bike enthusiasts, for bike enthusiasts. It uses an innovative new design featuring a unique rib cage construction. That, coupled with the simple three panel design, allows you to effortlessly travel with your seat and handlebars in place — just the way you like it. This bag can fit your road bike, your triathlon bike, your downhill bike or even that massive 29″ bike that your spouse tried to convince you not to buy but you just had to have. With an inside volume of 350 liters and a total weight of 18.5 pounds, the Douchebags Tour Bicycle Bag is every bit as ready for adventure as you are.

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