Black Ember V4 Modular Adventure Travel Pack

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Life is an adventure, but the journey should be taken on your terms. This idea is fully embraced by the Black Ember V4 Modular Adventure Travel Pack, a backpack designed to enhance all your travels.

The V4 is sized for international carry-on and is meticulously designed down to the smallest detail. This is evident in the thought put into the modular fold-out laptop sleeve that makes laptop removal and retrieval a breeze when going through airport security. A quick access weatherproof pocket for your wallet, keys and similar small items only adds to the pack’s accessibility and convenience.

The modular nature of the pack ensures your pack can be uniquely set up for any adventure, whether a brief excursion or a two-week jaunt to your favorite destinations. The V4 is a photographer’s dream, thanks to the modular DSLR cubes that make it easy to protect and organize your camera gear. There are two cube sizes to choose from, depending on your individual needs. Best of all, the cubes can instantly detach from the pack, turning into convenient shoulder bags and an accessible waist pack.

In all, the Black Ember V4 is a pack that lightens your travel load and will quickly become the first bag you reach for when getting ready to go on a trip. The contoured backpanel for fit and the adjustable strap fits for height ensure this personalized pack will feel at home resting on your shoulders.

If you are interested in making this pack a part of your travel experience, check out the Kickstarter and pushing this pack over its $25,000 funding goal.

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