Bit Bar EDC Screwdriver

$55 pledge

At some point during your transition from adolescence to adulthood, you invariably graduate from losing No. 2 pencils to losing screwdrivers. They’re so important — yet oh so easy to just sit down, forget about and then when you really need it again it’s nowhere to be found. Sure, you could just throw it in your pocket so that you always know where it is, but who wants to walk around with a screwdriver in their pocket all day?

Well, now you can. Meet the Bit Bar EDC Screwdriver — not just the ultimate screwdriver, but the last screwdriver you’re ever going to need. Picture a regular screwdriver. Now, picture it completely redesigned from the ground up to comfortably fit in your pocket and as an EDC item at all times. This is what only the Bit Bar EDC Screwdriver can provide. It features a full-sized handle that also allows you to conveniently store, access and customize the included bits to meet the needs of nearly every situation. Eight standard sized hex bits can be accessed effortlessly in seconds thanks to the magnet push bar. If you purchase one of the titanium versions, you get a rugged item CNC milled from a solid block of aerospace grade 5 titanium. If this titanium is good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for you. The end result isn’t just something that will dutifully stand by your side, but one that you can easily hand down to future generations.

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