AutoXscape Car Emergency Tool

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Pop quiz, hot shot — you’re driving down a dark and lonesome road late one evening and suddenly hit a patch of black ice. You spin out, slam your brand new car into a tree and pass out. You come to and realize that not only is your seatbelt jammed, but your door is broken and you can’t get out of the metal prison that you’re now trapped in. What do you do? If you have the AutoXscape Car Emergency Tool at your side, the answer is simple: “you effortlessly take control of the situation, get out of the car and then instantly start worrying about how high your insurance premiums are about to be.”

That’s right — the AutoXscape Car Emergency Tool is more than just a survival tool. It’s got an escape window breaker, a rescue seatbelt cutter AND a survival flashlight all in one. It’s constructed with military-grade aluminum for added durability and superior protection, allowing it to withstand even the toughest roadside emergency conditions. As a multi-function safety tool, it’s compact, ergonomic and fully waterproof — so if you suddenly find yourself at the bottom of a lake you’ll still be good to go. The AutoXscape Car Emergency Tool is also impact resistant of up to one meter, features a textured rubber knurling that improves grip in cold and wet conditions and includes three AAA batteries for your convenience.

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